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It is finally the week we all have been waiting for! Little Five is this week and we are going to let you know what is going on! The week is full of fun events, but Friday is the biggest day. At 5 pm, the street sprints will begin, and at 6 pm, FREE food, art and philanthropy will be available at the Lilly Center. Around 7 pm, our very own students, Justin Barnes and Jerald Parks will take the stage with DJ RAC provided by Union Board. This week we will be talking to both performers, so they can tell you a little bit about what is happening Friday night at the concert. Today, we spoke with Justin Barnes.

Her Campus: Hey Justin! Thank you so much for interviewing with Her Campus to let us know what is going to happen Friday night of Little Five week! What will you be performing?

Justin Barnes: I am going to perform a live DJ set, so pretty much what that means is I will play both original songs I've made as well as songs from other artists. I try to mix songs together to create something brand new. For example, I'll take the vocals from one song, the baseline from another and the instrumental from a third and try to merge them into something new. It's a lot of fun because you can get all sorts of different vibes at once and hear things through a whole new perspective.

HC: What are you most excited for and why?

JB: I am most excited to be able to share some of the music I've been working on the past couple months with everyone in the audience. All who know me well know how much time I put into music throughout an average day, so it's always refreshing to be able to show people what I've come up with.

HC: Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

JB:  I just want to encourage everyone to come out and have a blast. Don't be afraid to dance like there's no tomorrow; I know I will be doing exactly that. Little 5 is always a good time and thanks to some awesome work by the students who set up the concert, we now have something to actually bring (hopefully) the whole campus together into one space to have a good time together. So come on out and have an awesome time with us because there is definitely going to be some good music. Also, stay tuned for more music coming out in the future!

HC: Thank you so much Justin! We can’t wait to see you up on stage Friday night!

I hate writing, but I love Her Campus DePauw!
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