Interview with Haley Haskins

Haley Haskins is a rising junior at DePauw University. I interviewed her today to ask her more about where she is from, her favorite class so far, her involvement on campus, etc.


HerCampus: Where are you from?

Haley: I’m from a small town in Indiana called Lebanon! It’s a little bigger than Greencastle, and it’s only about an hour away, which makes traveling back and forth really nice. If anyone ever drives through or stops by, I highly recommend checking out this donut shop called Titus! They seriously have the best donuts ever. It’s something our small town is known for!


HC: What is your major?

Haley: I’m a biochemistry major, and I actually just declared this semester. Next semester I’m hoping to declare a minor in psychology. I obviously love science!


HC: What has been your favorite class at DePauw so far?

Haley: I’ve taken a lot of classes that I’ve loved so far, but I’d say one of my favorites has been Contemporary Society with Rebecca Bordt. I learned a lot in that class about people and also about myself, and it was one of those courses that shifts your perspective. Also, Dr. Bordt is an excellent professor. I would recommend her to anyone.


HC: What is one of your personal goals?

Haley: One of my personal goals is to get outside more. Being out in nature is a therapy for me, and I love just being outside and cycling or hiking, but I find that I don’t often make the time for it nowadays. I’m making it a goal for next year (if we’re back on campus) to visit the nature park more often.  


HC: What is your favorite quote/motto?

Haley: I love quotes a lot, so I have a bunch that come to mind! But I’d say the quote, “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will,” is definitely one of my favorites. I often second-guess myself and what I’m doing, but I’m also a firm believer in taking every opportunity that presents itself, so I’ve been trying to remind myself to not doubt too much and just go after what I want.


HC: What is a pet peeve of yours?

Haley: Definitely slow walkers and people who act like they’re better than others.


HC: What are some things you’re involved in on campus?

Haley: I’m currently the service coordinator for the Humane Society of Putnam County and a mental health peer educator with counseling services. I’m also the co-founder and treasurer for the Happiness Club, and I’m involved in Timmy Global Health, Future Medical Professionals, and National Society for Leadership and Success.


HC: What was your first job?

Haley: I worked at a small local ice cream shop called Ice Cream Paradise in my town. They have amazing ice cream!