Inspiring, Motivational, and Uplifting Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Navigating social media in a healthy way can be such a challenge. Actively choosing to only consume feel-good content can have a bigger impact on your mental health than you think. I realized this after taking note to how many models and strangers I was following. I began by unfollowing anyone I was constantly comparing my life, body or passions to.  I continued by following women that empowered me, artists that keep it real, and accounts that encourage me to purse my passions. Below are some of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram. 

  1. 1. Jaci Marie

    Jaci Marie is my first must-follow suggestion. While she may have a well crafted feed, she keeps her posts genuine. She also uses this account to advertise for her podcast and YouTube channel. She is all fun and full of adventure. She started her career with just a passion for photography. Now, she entertains on many platforms and is honestly inspiring as a young, self-employed, driven woman. 

  2. 2. Celeste Barber's

    This account is all about reality. Celeste Barber’s account entails her recreating pictures posted by famous models. I appreciate the juxtaposition with reality and she never fails to make me laugh. Her account is a good reminder that pictures online are not always reality nor should they be expectations for ourselves.

  3. 3. Max LaMana

    This account is all about reducing waste. He is a zero-waste vegan chef at the age of 23. He is such a go-getter and just published his first book of recipes in August 2019. He makes such an impact with his career and challenges his followers to lead a life of zero waste, reduce screen time and shop responsibly. If you are looking to change your lifestyle for the better or the Earth, follow Max!

  4. 4. Ruby

    I recently started following Ruby, and she is so empowering when it comes to body image and feeling comfortable in my own skin. She speaks so bluntly about sex education and sexuality on her account, and it is very refreshing. From condoms to dildos she is open to the conversation. Ruby supports the non-binary and is queer, so she always has an insightful perspective to bring to Instagram. Click through her “ABOUT ME” highlight reel to learn more about her!

  5. 5. Sidepiece Magazine

    Sidepiece Magazine is a relatively new magazine based in Indianapolis. It is an empowering magazine centered around redefining femininity, inclusivity, and LGBTQ pride. The combination of art and community involvement is uplifting. They are just starting out but have so much to offer their followers. If you like the Sidepiece Instagram account, just wait till you see their printed issues— gorgeous. 

  6. 6. Feminist

    This Feminist account posts several times a day and I am always enticed by their content. The account is strictly a content curator, so they do not produce their own original content. While some people may be turn away by this fact, Feminist always tag where they found the content. It is a great way to further find other artists/ content creators to follow. The posts vary from sex education, mental health, relationships, sexuality, race, gender and more!