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Hunter Leaman

Even though he’s only a freshman, any girl on this campus could fall head over heels for this chiseled outdoorsy MOFO.
Name: Hunter Leaman
Year: Freshman
Major: Economics
Hometown: Columbus, Indiana
Nickname: Maybe Hunt, but I don’t really have a nickname
Campus activities: rugby, mofo
Hobbies: riding around in a golf cart and listening to music while I play golf, StumbleUpon, chilling, hanging out and any kind of skiing whenever I can
Favorite place to study: Prindle
Most attractive thing you find in a girl: when a girl is able to have fun doing her own thing and doesn’t always need someone else for entertainment
Favorite Hub/Den food: BBQ Chicken Wrap on Spinach with lettuce and tomato
Favorite music: Dave Mathews, Kid Cudi, Eminem, Bob Marley, Passion Pit, but I typically leave it up to Pandora to choose for me
Dream job: I want to be the host of Survivor . . . think about it, it would be chill.
Favorite quote: “You will stop finding flaws in others, when you stop finding flaws in yourself.”
Proudest DePauw moment: My first Boulder Run from the field hockey field 

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