How to Wear: Bodysuits

A new type of clothing has emerged: the bodysuit. While these may take a little getting used to for some, they can offer styles that would otherwise be unachievable with a regular shirt. Some offer great support and wrap around the body in a really flattering and form-fitting way. Here are a few of our favorite styles!

1. The Open Back

With the hot summer sun that has arrived, the bodysuit offers a very cool option. A bodysuit hugs the body enough but also allows for a completely open back. Pair with shorts for the higher temps or jeans for a night out.

2. The Long Sleeve

For the perfect saucy nighttime outfit, choose a long sleeve bodysuit with a lace up front and a tight pair of jeans. The body con fit of the body suit provides a slimming shape. Go for a more casual look with a pair of boyfriend jeans and sneakers for a cute daytime outfit.

3. The Lace

Some of the most intricate lace pieces offered are bodysuits. The unique lace bodysuit will not be forgotten. If you're looking for a show-stopping piece, this is it.

4. The Sheer

Last but not least, a completely sheer top for the boldest and the bravest. While the thought of wearing something both tight AND see-through strikes fear in the hearts of some, those who can pull it off get to sport fun undergarments.