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How to … with sass: How to survive finals

How to … with sass: How to survive finals


Finals more commonly known as “F I never actually learned this Sh*&” is a time of sleep deprivation, poor hygiene, and ridiculously high levels of stress. You might be reading this article with the high hopes of receiving knowledge on how to breeze by finals with great ease. This does not exist, the tips we will give you here are merely ways to survive finals with the least amount of heart ache, bruises, and panic attacks.


1)   Sure go ahead deactivate your facebook, twitter, etc.. however it always amuses us how everyone seems to be on facebook come crunch time. Better yet maybe download the self control app, just remember only block facebook… not your entire internet access, and no you can not use your smart phone.

2)   Do not study with your friends especially the friends with anxiety issues. This will only make you even more stressed bringing your blood pressure to an all time high.

3)   Do partake  in drinking an obscene amount of coffee, energy drinks, any kind of caffeine… staying up for 72 hours straight is just not humanly possible with out a little added umpf.

4)   Finals is a time where many feel quite alone, but fear not food is always a college student’s best friend during these week of torture. Hit up the hub’s late night quesidillas or better yet order marvins soberly for the first time all year. Since you can’t drink your sorrows away this week might as well eat up.

5)   Do not procrastinate… sure this is easier said than done, but here’s a few things you might consider cutting our of your daily schedule to accommodate finals week. The two hours spent in lily, the two hours you set aside for lunch and dinner (most of the time you spend socializing) , the 4 cumulative hours you spend on twitter and face book, oh yes and the 6-8 hours you spend sleeping. Add this all up and you have around 14 hours of extra study time! Good luck and Happy studying!

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