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Hi, my loves! It’s your local astrology-obsessed-writer back again. Today I am going to be telling you how to read your birth chart! I am by no means an expert, so take this information with a grain of salt, but I have learned some things, and I thought it would be helpful to have information all in one place.  Your birth chart is essentially the positions all the planets were in at the time of your birth.


To figure out your birth chart, you need to know your date of birth, the city you were born in, and the time of your birth.  If you don’t know the time of your birth, that’s okay! But just know it might not be as accurate as if you had it down to the minute.  I like to use Cafe Astrology to figure out my birth chart! 


So, here are the basics! 


First, you have your sun sign.  Your sun sign is the basic zodiac sign almost everyone knows.  This correlates with your general personality.  If you ever feel like you don’t personally align with your sun sign, that is because the rest of your birth chart probably has a more substantial influence on you.  


Your moon sign! The moon sign influences your reactions and the hidden depths of your personality. 


Your rising! Your rising (or ascendant) is how you present yourself to the rest of the world.  This might be the sign people guess you are without knowing your actual sun sign.  


Then we have all the planets! This is where it can get complicated! 


Mercury: The planet of all communication.  You can easily remember this planet’s influence by connecting it with the struggles that may come about during Mercury in retrograde.  Mercury also influences education, literacy, and daily life.  


Venus: Venus is the planet of love.  Simply put, this planet and the sign associated with it explains how you are in relationships and friendships.  


Mars: Mars is the more masculine and assertive planet.  It can represent how someone goes about a love interest or sex.  


Jupiter: Jupiter impacts someone’s belief systems and can identify whether someone is a risk-taker or not.  This planet is a little bit harder to understand, so for example, my Jupiter is in Aries, meaning that I have strong beliefs, I value truth-tellers, and I love to travel.  


Next, we have Saturn: Saturn shows us our restrictions and/or limitations.  It also shows where our greatest challenges in life may lie. This is another hard planet to understand.  My Saturn is in Taurus, meaning that I have common sense, but I may struggle in accumulating money.  (Fitting seeing as I am studying to be a social worker.)

Uranus: Uranus can represent creativity and psychic abilities as well as education and new ideas.  


Neptune: Neptune is associated with travel but can also represent your intuition, religion, and spiritual ideals and how you approach them.  


Pluto: The tiniest planet is still considered a planet in astrology! Yay! Pluto represents union, partnerships, and money. 


Finally, we have Chiron: Chiron can give insights on health and wellness, but it can also reveal things we may struggle to cope with psychologically.  


Okay, that’s all the info I have for you today! If I wrote everything there is to know about astrology, we would be here forever. 

Hi, I'm Katherine! I'm an Anthropology major. I am a member of the Honors Scholar Program, as well as a Bonner Scholar.
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