How to Make the Most of Your Winter Break

When we finally take all of our finals and get to leave campus, we have at least two weeks of time to spend how we want to—we’re done with all of the classes that could assign us homework, and we finally get to relax. So while Netflix is certainly calling all of our names, don’t lay in your bed and binge watch shows for all of break. Winter break is a great time to reconnect with friends and family, especially since it’s the holiday season. 

Relive Old Traditions…

            You don’t get to see your family as much as you used to, so maybe you’ve stopped some of the holiday traditions that you loved. Now that you’re getting back together, bake cookies or make gingerbread houses. Spend a day in the snow (if you’re lucky/unlucky enough to get snow) or decorate the tree together with some of those really well done ornaments you made in elementary school.

            You can do the same with old friends—meet up and catch up on everyone’s different experiences at least once before school starts up again.

…Or Make New Ones!

            Every holiday season is a chance to make new memories, so maybe some start some new holiday traditions as well. Just make sure it brings everyone together to enjoy the holiday and each other’s company.

Make a New Years Resolution (That You’ll Actually Stick To)

            While every day can be a new beginning, there’s certainly something about flipping over the calendar to a new year that makes you want to revamp some part of your life. Especially with a new semester coming up, look at winter break as a way to reflect on some of the things that you’ve been wanting to change but haven’t had time to, whether it’s in your study habits or your outlook on life. Most of all, however, don’t set an impossible goal. New beginnings are all about baby steps.

And Finally: Relax.

            Finals are stressful, college is stressful, and we are rightfully stressed. So maybe your finals didn’t turn out like you thought they would or maybe you’ve got a difficult class coming up next semester, but give yourself a breather. You deserve it!