How to Let Your Quirks Shine

Fashion is a way to express yourself. So, when you’re dressing it’s important to have a little bit of yourself in every outfit. There are tons of ways to be stylish but still show off your quirks. Having pieces of clothing or accessories that you are passionate about will make you more confident, which in turn makes you look even more fabulous!

Graphic Tees

Trendy tees are super in right now. You can dress them up with a skirt and a leather jacket or rock it with ripped jeans. You can pick out graphic tees that have cute sayings and pictures that you like on them. Vintage band T-shirts are really common and a cool way to show off what type of music you like. This could be a great way to express your personality and even be a great conversation starter.  

Fun Socks

There are endless opportunities when it comes to socks. You can find socks with flowers, avocados, or my personal favorite, cats! Since this trend is so popular, you can find zany and affordable socks just about anywhere. These fun patterns say a little bit about your interests and also add a little flare to every outfit. Whether you are wearing a dress or sweatpants, you can throw on some crazy socks.


Even if you don’t have time to fix your hair up every morning, you can still spice up your 'do with a headband. There are all kinds of different fabrics and patterns to pair with different outfits and occasions. If you aren’t super into headbands, you can mix it up by tying a scarf to your pony tail. If you are more practical, you can rock a bandana with a messy bun. Headbands are just one more opportunity to express yourself through your style. 

Homemade Bracelets

This is a craft and accessory all in one! Since the beaded bracelet is homemade, you can make it say whatever you want and pick out your favorite colors. It will be special to you not only because it will reflect your personality, but also you made it, which is super cool. Beads are pretty cheap, so you can make bracelets for every outfit and every occasion. Or even make some for your friends so they have a special piece of jewelry that says something about your friendship.