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How to Know When to Leave a Relationship…For Good

Time and time again we end up staying in relationships because they give us a sense of security. But here are some signs that let you know it's time to really leave that relationship in the dust.

If your partner cheats

Cheating is not something that “just happens” as much as we want to believe it can be, and it’s definitely not something that “just happens” more than once. If they were not considerate enough when making that decision, they don't respect you and they broke your trust. Cheating can cause a lot of pain to someone because it leaves you feeling insecure, betrayed and questioning everything. It’s best to walk away and recognize your worth.

If they are trying to police your life

You should never have to ask your partner if you can go somewhere, hang out with certain people or be told to dress a certain way. If your partner is demanding your location, pictures for proof and is blowing up your phone, it’s a sign of dominance and can be a very slippery slope leading to total control of your social life. Remember, “I am mine before I am ever anyone else’s.” - Nayyirah Waheed. Own your own life.

If you don’t feel safe with them anymore

If you are no longer feeling comfortable with your partner then it’s time to let them go. If your partner gets increasingly loud with you and frequently has outburst of anger that’s projected onto you, it is not worth it to put yourself through that type of discomfort and stress. Leave before things escalate and understand that your mental and physical health comes before anything.

If they bring you down more than they bring you up

Your partner should always be encouraging you. They should be your number one fan, but if you start to feel like they might be the opposing team’s fan or they show no interest you whenever you do good, then they are insecure and are placing their insecurities on to you. You should be able to grow with your partner instead of feeling like you are being held back. Chase your goals and dreams and stop chasing them.

If you feel like you are being manipulated to stay

If you feel like the only reason you are in a relationship with your partner still is solely based on the fact that you invested so much time into the relationship, then it’s time to stop wasting more of that time. You shouldn’t feel obligated to stay in a relationship just because you’ve dated for a long time, and if they are guilting you into staying with them, don’t fall into that trap. Sometimes you have to do what’s best for you.

Hey all ! My name is Nadia Selena Estrada. I reside from the southside of Chicago and identify myself as a Chicana. I am currently a first-year student at DePauw University with an intended major in Psychology. I have a fine appreciation for all types of music, literature, and shades of orange (:
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