How to Get Back into the Groove After Fall Break

I hope everyone had a joyful and relaxing fall break, I know I did! However, after a week out of the game, it can sometimes be hard to get back into the groove of things. I am sure many of your fall breaks included a lot of sleeping in, watching Netflix, hanging out with family, and napping. I have a few ways to help get back into school mode without any struggle!

1. Go to sleep earlier

            I know finding time to go to bed can be a real pain, but for the first week back try and go to sleep a little earlier. This way you find yourself having a decent amount of hours but you are getting up on time for your morning classes.

2. Limit your Netflix each day

           I can honestly say I binged my favorite Netflix show and I want to keep up on the juicy episodes. To help wean off, it is better to let yourself have a Netflix break with watching two episodes a day, to one episode a day, and then when the load picks up again to go back to watching Netflix when you have time.

3. Start with short 35-minute naps and decline

            I love napping; we all know DePauw keeps us busy and it's hard to get a significant amount of sleep. There is nothing wrong with taking short naps. To get back to your regular sleep schedule, start with 35-minute naps and slowly decreasing the time until you get to 20 minutes. Usually 20 minutes is all the time your body needs to feel refreshed.

4. Call your family once a day

            It sucks to leave your family again once you have had a whole week with them. There is nothing wrong with giving your parents or siblings a daily call to ease the distance.

5. Bring back pictures of pets and loved ones

            One of my favorite things to do is print out pictures and make a collage. Every time I am feeling down, I can just look up at the pictures and remember the good times. Plus, we all miss our pets; no shame in hanging up their pictures.