How To Express Your Inner Nerd

         Just like high school, there is still pressure in college to follow current trends and know a lot about pop culture. But if you’re like me, you have a lot of ~nerdy~ interests that you need to channel into some aspect of your life, regardless of the pressures to be cool. Through my past couple of years in college, I have learned how to express myself in low-key yet impactful ways. Here are a few of my tips and tricks for all you nerds out there!

Use subtle cues

There are plenty of low-key ways that you can express the nerdy things you love! One of my favorite ways to do this is through laptop stickers; then in class and while studying, you can find others who share your interests.

Write about it!

A great way to express yourself is through writing (just as I am doing now). Whether it’s through a group like Her Campus or in a journal on your own, writing can provide a space for you to share what you love.

Become the expert for your non-nerd friends

Your Hermione-level knowledge of all things nerd comes with huge perks. Once you’re known as the local nerd in your friend group, they will seek you out with anything and everything related to your favorite fandom. Whether that is through questions or tagging you in Instagram posts, being the expert will bring the fandom to you with little to no effort!

Find a podcast

If at any point in college you feel like you aren’t getting enough nerd in your life, find a podcast that talks about your favorite fandom. Although some shows and stories end, podcasts provide a space for fans to talk about their favorite stories and theorize together. Podcasts are also super convenient, as you can get your daily dose of nerd while walking to class or working out!

Learn about others' interests!

All nerds are different, which is what makes being a nerd so amazing! Although we have different things that we love, we are all passionate about something, so take the time to learn about others and what they love! You may find something new that you love too!

College can be a time where many people try to be ~cool~ but trust me, for a lot of people it’s just a front. By finding ways to express the nerdy things you love, you’ll be able to find others just like you!