How to Eat Healthy at the Fair

An annual trip to the fair is a must, yet trying to avoid all the calories is difficult at times. A typical basket of fried Oreos is 900 calories, and a regular-sized corn dog is 350 calories, let alone the jumbo ones filled with cheese. These beloved fair classics are great for taste, but if you’re trying to maintain that summer body, you may want to choose an alternative fair food. For starters, stay away from anything fried. This may seem obvious, but a lot of things are fried at the fair, from elephant ears to chicken wings. Frying food typically puts an extra 100-200 calories on to any food. It may seem daunting to try to find a healthy option at the fair, but there are options that will satisfy without all the calories. 

Sweet corn is a great choice. Charming stands like this one sell ears of sweet corn for only $2.50. You have the option to have it buttered, too. They have a full container of warm melted butter that they dip the sweet corn into. Also, stands like this sometimes offer seasoning like Cajun or Mexican style to add after butter. The ear alone is only 70 calories, and if you apply toppings moderately you can enjoy this yummy fair snack for only 100 calories.

If you are looking for a meal rather than a snack, then you have options too. A good place to look is any of the local Bar-B-Q stands. These vendors usually have grilled chicken rather than fried. This allows for you to eat great chicken with sauce without worrying about all the dang calories. It is common for these places to serve chicken with two sides, like green beans and apple sauce, and a roll. This option will fill you up and keep the cost and calories down. A meal as such ranges from $7-$10 normally.

Another option for a healthy meal at the fair is fajitas! They generally come with steak or chicken paired with grilled veggies (such as peppers and onions). The fajitas satisfy without making you feel guilty later. Look for a local vender if possible rather than the regular fair booth; they may use less oils and grease to cook, therefore lowering the calorie count.

Looking for those fair time sweets? You don’t have to miss out. The classic cotton candy is only 200 calories for that giant bag they hang in the window, and you probably won’t eat the whole bag in one sitting. Surprisingly, this snack of air and sugar is one of the healthier alternatives to fried candies.

Lastly, the fair offers so many flavored popcorns—from caramel to butter toppings that are finger-licking good. Unflavored popcorn is 31 calories a cup, so apply your seasoning of choice, and you have a relatively healthy treat to end the night with.