How to Dress for Fummer (Fall-Summer)

Everyone from Indiana or anyone nearby knows the crazy ass weather Indiana blesses us with every year around this time. Sometimes it feels like it could be the middle of July and other times you could swear it’s mid-November. Most of the time, the day starts around fifty degrees and by the time you’re done with a two o'clock class, the temperature is up to eighty degrees. Coping with the dramatic weather fluctuations between summer and fall, or fummer for short, is easier than it seems. No need for changing outfits twice a day! Here are a few simple ideas for living in bogus Indiana weather.

            Some of these ideas may seem self-explanatory but honestly will change the way you look at these bipolar days. A good jacket or some cute Adidas shoes can go a long way on a cold morning but can also be easily taken off if the weather is being just as annoying as the five-page paper you have to write this weekend. Not to mention, these few items can dress up a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt too. These looks can elevate your style and help you to dress comfy and casual every day.

Look 1: Comfy jeans & jacket

The jacket is lightweight and a great contributor to the outfit, but also can be easily removed when the weather starts playing games. The sandals are useful in the afternoon when it gets hot. Whether you’re going to class, out to lunch with friends, or trying to stay cool, sandals are always a great option.

Look 2: Casual dress & classic jean jacket

The jean jacket and white Vans give her decent coverage in the morning, and in the afternoon she can transform the look by taking the jacket off. This look is very basic, so it can be easily customized. Adding layers of necklaces or hoop earrings would dress this look up, or you could use sneakers as a way to dress this outfit down.

Look 3: Classic concert tee & everyday sneakers

This outfit is super casual and comfortable, but also very cute. The off-the-shoulder t-shirt adds style to the basic shorts and t-shirt look. The windbreaker gives off a stylish but sporty look as well (Go Tigs!). These looks are super easy to change and customize to one’s own personal style! Basic pieces in a closet help aid these comfy, flexible looks for a busy day at DePauw no matter the weather.