How To Create the Most Festive Outfit for Every Holiday Gathering

Blanket Scarves

Wear whatever you want, then throw on a blanket scarf. It completes any outfit and is super cozy. After your belly is full of sugar cookies and milk, you can use the scarf for a nice after-dinner nap. These scarves come in all kinds of festive colors, which bumps your outfit up to a whole other level.

A Plaid Flannel and a Vest

This combo is a winter classic. You can wear it with jeans and some cute booties and be totally comfortable. Just like the blanket scarf, you can find these in reds and greens and really get into the Christmas spirit.

Tights and a T-Shirt Dress

This outfit is perfect for the people who really want to show up to Grandma’s house in pajamas but know they need to dress up for the annual after-dinner Christmas picture. Throw on a pair of leggings and a t-shirt dress, and you will feel like you are still in PJs! You can add a statement necklace or a jacket to this to spice it up. Plus, there are all kinds of shoe options: flats, riding boots, boots, and more!

Fun Pants!

I love when the holiday parties start because it means I can pull out my bright red pants with no remorse. It is super easy to pair a bold pair of pants with a neutral sweater or blouse. Gold, green, red, or even plaid pants would all be acceptable options to rock a festive look. Pants are also perfect for snowy days when you need to bundle up.