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How To Be Stylin’ at Thanksgiving Dinner

Though classes continue, in two and a half weeks, we will be heading home to have Thanksgiving with our families. Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and be grateful for our family, friends and material items. Thanksgiving is also a time to eat a lot of food and possess no guilt whatsoever. It’s when our bellies grow to twice their normal size; suddenly we feel onset weight gain and as though we should have bought our jeans a size up. Often, because of this, people will give up on looking stylish for Thanksgiving dinner and wear sweatpants to account for the extra room they need. However, just because this happens, doesn’t mean you can’t look cute for Thanksgiving! Even on this day, it’s important for us to present ourselves in classy and cute manner. Who knows who could be at Thanksgiving dinner? You could be meeting your future spouse! Dressing cute can leave a great first impression and make you feel good as well.

Wearing leggings is a great choice. They’re cute, comfortable and can accommodate the extra weight gain. Pair the simple black leggings with a cute striped shirt and a large oversized, short-sleeved turtleneck sweater or any oversized sweater of your choosing! Tack on some brown riding boots and you are ready to go!!

This adorable outfit is also a great option! Because this dress is straight, no one will notice when your belly suddenly poufs out. I love the white and black scarf because it adds a certain element of class to the outfit. Brown riding boots are a great addition to the outfit, however, black riding boots would also be super cute!

This is another simple outfit that can be easily put together.  Put on a black and white statement tee of any kind really and put on some simple ankle boots. Throw on a black or black and white quilted (like the picture) coat.

If you are going to a more formal occasion, this sequin dress is perfect! Paired with a leather jacket tones down the outfit and gives it more of an edge. Put on some black tights to combat the cold and some black heels or ankle boots. Now, you are ready to eat!

Hey guys! My name is Nina Moore and I am currently a sophomore at DePauw! I am studying biology and Spanish. I love writing about fashion because, as cliche as it is, it really is one of my passions! Hope you guys like my articles!
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