How to Accessorize with Glitter

Doesn’t everyone have a collection of glitter in their room waiting to be cracked open for the perfect occasion? It might just be me. Whether you’re getting ready for a party, music festival or class, everyone can use a touch of glitter to brighten up their look. While adding sparkles to your look is always a good idea, glitter can be overwhelming when you don’t know exactly where you should place it or what products to use. Here are four ways you can accessorize with a splash of glitter to step out for any occasion.



  1. 1. Upper Checkbones

    A fun way to apply glitter is on your upper cheekbones in the same place you would normally apply highlighter to your face. Grab your glitter color of choice and a tub of Vaseline to easily apply this under your eyes. First, rub the Vaseline on your upper cheekbones. Then, pat the glitter into place on top of the Vaseline. This glitter placement is an easy way to amplify any makeup look!

  2. 2. Chest and Arms

    If you really want to sparkle, a great place for glitter is on your chest and arms. Rub a thin layer of Vaseline all over your chest as well as on your arms from your shoulder to your elbow. Pat the glitter on top of the Vaseline, and you’re done! If you’re struggling to find the perfect outfit, this glitter placement can add a little bit of fun to any look. 

  3. 3. Hair

    Another way to accessorize with glitter is putting it in your hair. This look works best with your hair in a middle part as the glitter goes in your roots. For this glitter look, spray some hairspray onto the roots of your hair, and grab some chunkier glitter to avoid a glitter dandruff look. Sprinkle the glitter onto your roots, and spray hairspray on top of the glitter to set it in place. This is a super cute festival look, and while it might be the most difficult look to clean up after, those Instagram pictures will be worth it! 

  4. 4. Shimmering Body Oil

    While actual glitter flakes might be too much for certain occasions, a natural shimmer is acceptable in any setting. Rubbing a body oil all over your arms and legs will give you a healthy glow. You can pick up wallet-friendly body shimmer oils at any drug store and find more expensive brands at Sephora and Ulta Beauty. The Body Lava Body Luminizer by Fenty Beauty is one of the most highly recommended body shimmer oils on the market and gives you that perfect, fresh Rihanna glow.


    If a shimmer body oil is still too much shine, you can obtain a subtle glow with any compact, powder highlighter. Simply use a brush to sweep the highlighter across your collar bones and shoulders, and have fun watching the sun reflect off your body.