Hobbies to Start This Summer

Summer is a great time to pick up a new hobby because of increased free time, so why not start something new? Hobbies help build confidence because you are practicing something you are good at. Hobbies also allow you to get creative and explore what you are passionate about. Lastly, they can reduce stress and get you excited about completing something. So get out there and try something new this summer!


Begin learning stitches and advance to images. Usually used book stores have embroidery books on the shelves. If you have patience and a steady hand, try embroidery! 


Need an outlet to channel your thoughts? Give journaling a go. It can help organize your life and give you a space to share your day-to-day experiences/ thoughts. Get a blank journal and some colorful pens and you’re good to go!


Baking can be tedious but tons of fun! Try making cupcakes from scratch or festive cake pops--that way you can take your new pastry dish to all the summer parties you’ll be attending. 


Save your memories, whether that is in a handmade book or crafted on a website like Shutterfly. You won’t regret picking up this hobby, as it will capture your memories and allow for you to share them with friends and family.

Succulent Garden

Get your fingers dirty in some soil! You could make a garden indoors in pots or add it to your landscape outside. Either way, succulents are so cute and low maintenance. You could even add tiny accessories to make it a fairy garden!


Grab your camera or even your iPhone and start taking some shots! Educate yourself on photography language and techniques. You could up your Instagram game or frame and hang your photos in your home. You could use your friends as models or take photos of where you live. Subscribing to a photo editor can be expensive, but if this is the hobby for you then you should have all the tools.

Candle Making

Making candles is a lot of fun and fills your home with wonderful scents. Depending on what your style is, there are tons of recipes online.

Jewelry Making

This may be a more difficult hobby, but it pays off because you can wear or sell the jewelry you make!

DIY Projects

Spruce up your decor for cheap with fun “Do It Yourself” projects. This allows for creativity and a better aesthetic in your house. These projects can be as small as table center pieces or turning a bookshelf into a storage bench.