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Headband Bandwagon

Sick of the same ol’ hairstyle everyday? Just rolling out of bed and needing a quick fix for that bed head? It’s getting cooler outside, and we all know that dreaded static cling very well!  Girls all around DePauw’s campus have opted for the ever-growing trend, the headband. From a casual day in class to business casual, you can’t go wrong with this simple statement!

Both Stephanie and Meredith sport the simple Bow headband. Stephanie heads to Sunday brunch at the Hub with an understated sweater and a mint green scarf, sealing together her “dressy cas” ensemble.

Meredith hangs outside of Roy O. in-between classes, and beats that early morning bed head with a loose braid and bow headband. From class to dressy casual, you can add some pizzazz to any outfit with The Bow.

Becca bolts back to her dorm after a day of studies for some quick dinner. With a plain white V-neck and comfy pullover, she instantly adds some flavor to this cutely casual outfit with her bold, beaded headband.
Looking for a louder look? Eleanor waits outside of Humbert before a date at The Duck with her fun, fabric headband. After a day of classes, sporting a cardigan and floral tank, Eleanor instantly “umphs” her daytime outfit up as she throws on this playful headband, which certainly makes a statement!

Rose Overbey

DePauw '20

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