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Hats, Gloves and Scarves

Winter can be bitter, but we say bring it on—so long as it means stylish outerwear accessories. And from fingertip fashions to cashmere hats and chunky knit scarves, there are quite a few to pile on. To stay on-trend and avoid getting lost beneath the bulk, here are some quick tips to staying warm and avoid looking like your 7th grade Social Studies teacher.

Stay neutral.
Try a rich cashmere scarf in a neutral grey or camel. They look great with just about all coats and are guaranteed to keep you warm.

Look to leather.
Long leather gloves are in! Try bright hues with a ¾-length sleeve coat. Some faves this winter are cobalt blue or cherry red gloves with a black and grey jacket. Or pair them with a tweed blazer for a casually elegant look. Ralph Lauren’s winter collection has some adorable long leather gloves with bows on the end and cashmere linings. Sweet.

Play with patterns.
If you have a plaid coat, try a delicate floral, striped, or animal print scarf for a fun look. Be wary of overdoing it though. Try picking up the colors in the pattern of your coat by accenting it with a solid color scarf or gloves.

Let the lining show.
Roll your sleeves up and show off a contrasting color or pattern. Then, add a matching scarf to polish it off.

Belt it.
Cinch a scarf around a long coat for a fashion-forward look that accentuates the waist. And always go big or go home – thin belts get overwhelmed in the volume of a coat. You don’t want the “rubberband-around-a-marshmellow” appearance (Or do you?!).

Top it off.
Fur hats are a huge trend right now (very Doctor Zhivago). They look great with understated classic coats or chunky knit sweaters. For an alternative to hats, earmuffs make for a fun look – but balance them out with a neutral coat. The key is to not look like you’re preparing for the DePauwcalypse.

Let it all hang out.
If the sleeves of your sweater are longer than your coat, embrace it. The different textures and layers make for a casual and warm look.

Mix it up.
It’s okay if your gloves and scarf don’t match. Sometimes it’s even better if they don’t! Patterned Pashminas are such a go-to item for winter; they’re thick and almost always unique! Some favorite colors for this winter are surprisingly light, included but not limited to lavender, Tiffany blue, and deep pink.

Bring it inside.
Wear the outdoors, indoors. DePauw girls are lovin’ on the look of a slouchy, slightly distressed leather or jean jacket over a feminine silk dress. And oversized army jackets pair perfectly with jeans and a blouse. Plus, coat pockets are perfect for storing pens, phones, and lip-gloss.

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