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Hadley Drake ’21, Jennalyn McNeal ’21

Today I was able to catch up with freshmen Hadley Drake and Jennalyn McNeal. Jennalyn has some amazing piercings, and Hadley has eight tattoos. HerCampus got to sit down to hear about their process.

HerCampus: Thanks for meeting up with me today! So how are you guys?

JM: I’m good, surviving.

HD: Tired, ready to be over.

JM: I feel that.

HC: So tell me a little about your piercings, Jennalyn; you have some really cool ones! When did you first start getting them?

JM: Well, I don’t have any tattoos, but I got my first piercing when I was a year old.

HC: Really?

JM: Yeah, so just like the low earlobe area that people usually get first, then I wanted to get more starting my 8th grade year, so I got my second piercing and then just recently I got my third holes pierced and then I got my upper cartilage pierced.

HC: That’s awesome! Do you think you’ll get more done?

JM: Yeah, I definitely want to keep getting more just for the fun of it. Oh, I also have my bellybutton pierced, got that done a couple years ago. It’s kind of an addiction in a way, but it’s fun.

HC: Those are all so cool!! What about you, Hadley? Do you have any piercings, or is it just mainly tattoos?

HD: I have four ear piercings and eight tattoos. I got my first lobe piercings also when I was a year old, and then I just recently got my double cartilage pierced over spring break. It's been a few months since I’ve had needles shoved in my ears but yeah, I want to do it again.

HC: Fair enough!

HD: Then with my tattoos I got my first one when I was 17, a penguin on my back for my brother who passed away three years ago. It’s kind of like an in memorial. Our whole family has it. Then I got my wrist tattoo, which is a moon that says “to the moon”, and my grandma has the same thing that has the words “and back” because we always say “I love you to the moon and back." Then when I got to college I got roses on my thigh, and then I think I got my lion on my shoulder about a month later. Then it was less than a month later I got my David Bowie tattoo. Then winter term hit and I got the writing on my back. Then I got the dagger, and finally I got the sun on my side.

HC: That’s amazing.

HD: Thanks, yeah it’s definitely a fast-paced addiction. I’m so ready to get another one.

HC: Do you have a favorite one?

HD: Oh I don’t know, I think the lion; it’s kind of a trade mark, lots of people recognize me for it. It’s honestly between the lion and the David Bowie one I’d say.

HC: Do you think you [Jennalyn] would ever want to get one?

JM: I’ve thought about it a few times, but I’ve always chickened out and not wanted to pay for it. I am definitely scared of being addicted to getting them because I know that I already like my piercings so much. But I have thought about getting one this summer of a mountain range to symbolize life’s ups and downs.

HC: That is such a good idea, you totally should do that!!! Thank you so much for meeting with me today guys! I love everything you all are doing!

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