Groovy Baby: Songs to Make You Feel Good Part II

Ladies, it’s that time of year again: finals. Last year, I wrote an article with the same title as this one in the hopes that some new feel-good tunes would lift all my HC babes’ moods and make late-night cramming sessions a little more bearable. With finals season now in full swing, I wanted to make a new list of fun songs to remind y’all to take some time for yourself. Even if it’s only five or ten minutes, allowing yourself a break is so important during times of high stress—  it can reground you and help you regain your thoughts and composure. Below, you will find some sweet songs that always brighten my day and get me ready to take on anything.

  1. 1. Ya’ll Boots Hats? (Die Angry) by Glocca Morra

    Okay, so the title literally says “die angry,” but I promise this short song is SO worth the listen. Upbeat, emo-revival style, this tune always gets me energized and ready for ANYTHING: it’s the first song I que up at the gym, without fail, every time. Give it a listen if you need to get your blood pumpin’.

  2. 2. Like or Like Like by Miniature Tigers

    Ever have that feeling of like-liking someone but don’t know if they feel the same way? This song captures that feeling perfectly— lyrics sung in a sweet voice accompanied by a fun tempo. Also, the name of the band is Miniature Tigers, so it’s a win-win. Give this one a listen if you want a quick ~nostalgia~ moment.

  3. 3. my strange addiction by Billie Eilish

    Although maybe not the most feel-good, mushy feelings songs, this BANGER by Billie is so exciting and fresh— one of my faves from this year. Plus, there are some sound clips from “The Office” in there, so all you fans definitely have to listen. Check this bop out when you need to feel like the badass you are.

  4. 4. Someone New by Hozier

    If you read my last article, you know how much I love Hozier, and how much I love this sweet little number. Bluesy and flirty in the best way, this 2014 classic never fails to make me smile. If you want to ~get groovy~ and do a little only-for-you slow dance, give this song a listen.

  5. 5. Telescope by Cage the Elephant

    This Cage the Elephant song is a bit of a slow jam, but definitely worth listening to. Whenever I hear this song, I think about Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles, and it makes me feel small (in a good way) and otherworldly. Listen to this little number when you need to take a second to just lay down, look up at the ceiling or stars, and breathe.

  6. 6. Business by Catfish and the Bottlemen

    Catfish is hands-down one of my favorite bands, and this song is one of my favorites. It’s about making someone else your business, 'cause, ya know, you love them and care about them and want them to be okay. Absolutely beautiful, starts out loud with drums and stays that way. I LOVE this song. Check it out if you need a *fast* for-anyone-to-see dance break.

  7. 7. Peach by The Front Bottoms

    With an up-tempo indie vibe, this song is really adorable—  mostly. Literally, the singer says, “you are the reason I’m smiling when there is nothing to smile about.” ADORABLE. Although some of the other lyrics are a bit heavier, this bop has an all-around feel good vibe. Give this song some love if you wanna feel loved.

I hope these songs lend all you beautiful, talented, strong, amazing people at least some help or give you some motivation to keep on keepin’ on and finish these next few days still in one piece. Also, remember that it’s okay to ask for help if you’re struggling! I love you babes so much, happy finals studying!!!