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To The Girl Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

We’ve all felt it. You’re sitting in a class for your major, feeling confused. You look around you and see what feels like everyone else understanding the topic perfectly. You feel alone, isolated, and not good enough. Sometimes it feels like you don’t deserve to be in that classroom, surrounded by people that are better than you. 

This can be the case in all sorts of ways: classrooms, sports teams, workplaces, etc. Wherever you might experience this, it doesn’t make it any less hard. Feeling out of place or that you don’t belong is one of the worst feelings. It can make you lose motivation, and affect your performance in the classroom more, which only contributes to the cycle. 

I experience these feelings a lot. Imposter syndrome has become my partner in most of my major classes. Even though I experience it frequently, it never fails to make me feel defeated. I have a message to all the girls who can relate to this. 


You are good enough. 


You belong where you are.


Struggling is a part of the journey to success. When you get defeated, go home, wallow a little bit, and then get back up the next day. Acknowledge your emotions. If you need to go home, cry a little, and eat a pint of ice cream, then do it. If you need to work out, or get together with friends, do that too. Give yourself a break, and then get back up and take the day. Even the people who appear the most successful have doubted themselves before. You got this. Wake up, kick butt, learn, and repeat. 

Detroit Vs. Everybody Biochem Major Lover of all things gluten free :)
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