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Getting Crafty

I am not the craftiest girl. Creative, sure, I could swing that. Usually I come up with big creative ideas and then the execution turns out to be much more difficult that I had originally thought, leaving me with all the materials, an idea but not product. I often look at the people who can make these masterpieces and wonder how it works for them but never me. One of my favorite things to do when I am procrastinating my homework is look at the blog “P.S. I made this…” This blogger is a genius, taking everyday ordinary things and making them look like they just came off the shelf at J. Crew or Urban Outfitters. Every girl loves to look expensive, and original and here is a cheap way to do it.

I decided to take on the task of the “Safety Pin Tank.” It looked simple enough that even I, the girl who cannot craft, could do it, and I did. All you need for this project is a tank top, I used a black one from Kohls only costing $12, and around 200 safety pins, which from Wal-Mart totaled to be $4. I could only find silver safety pins but mixing it up with different colors, size and styles could really jazz up the tank and make it more personal.

Step One- Cluster the safety pins. Take one safety pin and string more safety pins on it. I usually did six pins one each, but a varying number adds to the spontaneity. Mix up how you string the safety pins on, do some through the little hole at the bottom or through the little hole in the clasp. It seems like this step is going to take forever but once you get a groove going the time flies.

Step Two: The project has been very simple so far and here is the true test of your creativity, you have to start pinning all the safety pins onto the tank.  This tank is all about being random and original, so keep that in mind while you pin. Pin some level horizontally, but then pin some at an angle or even vertically. Play with different arraignments and see which one you like best. A little trick I picked up on, if the main safety pin has six pins on it, take two off, guide the main safety pin through, then place to other two back on before you clasp it. This makes it easier to clasp and spreads out the safety pins. Also beware of pinning the front of the shirt to the back! I made this mistake and did not realize it until I was done with the shirt. Place a piece of cardboard in the middle of the shirt to avoid this hazard.

Step 3: Try it on. See how it looks, and then perfect it. Remember it is supposed to look crazy and wild, so go with it and own it.

After everything was said and done, this project took me an hour. It was an hour well spent, I must say. I learned I can be crafty, I just have to find the right craft. Out of it I got an original, one of a kind tank.

Check out P.S. I made this… for more funky ways to spice up your wardrobe.


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