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Get in the Halloween Spirit with Accessories

Are you absolutely obsessed with Halloween?  It can be difficult to find cute Halloween accessories to weave into your wardrobe that are not completely obnoxious. It’s unfortunately not appropriate to wear your giant pumpkin costume to class. When applying Halloween accessories to their corresponding outfits, it must contain all neutral colors. An overbearing mess of Halloween thrown onto an outfit will result in appearing tacky. So, when selecting an accessory, be subtle, even though on the inside you’re bursting with creepin’ crawlin’ Halloween spirit.

 On days you wish to incorporate your Halloween accessories, stick with your basics, like that gray sweater we all have.  This festive scrunchie is a perfect splash of Halloween colors to brighten your low contrast outfit. 

Another option if you want a less-noticeable accessory is earrings. Try filling your ears with correlating colors and a mixture of shapes. Little candy corn earrings are super cute and can be applied to just about any fall outfit.

If you are the type that loves funky socks, then a pair of festive socks could easily be put into your outfit. These socks would be ideal for solid-colored sneakers paired with your favorite pair of jeans or black leggings tucked into the socks.

Lastly, to make a bigger statement about how serious the Halloween spirit is, try a festive t-shirt. This t-shirt could be bought oversized by purchasing it two or three sizes too large, that way it can be worn larger with leggings underneath it. A choice of neutral colored sneakers or boots would match with the t-shirt. Add a jean jacket, and the outfit is complete!If interested in any of these specific Halloween accessories, they can be found on Amazon for a very reasonable price. So, get out there and spread the Halloween spirit with those festive outfits.

Hi, I'm Rose Overbey! I'm a senior at DePauw University, majoring in English writing. I'm a passionate non-fiction writer with interests in upcycling, crafts, fashion, and the environment.
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