Fun Pants

I bought these pants for a sorority informal, which inspired me to write this article. Originally I thought I was just going to wear them the one night; however, they have ended up being some of my favorite pants to wear. Some of my friends have also caught on to the trend of wearing these “fun pants.” There are different styles and patterns of these types of pants, so everyone is sure to find a pair that fits their style. The reasons I am obsessed with these pants is not only the look and colors, but also the comfort of them. They are a great material that stretches with your body, hugging each of your curves. The material also does not feel “cheap”, which was a concern I had when picking them out. The pants also accentuate your lower body with the fit and flare style. There are other styles that are looser fitting, which I have as well. These are more of a straight leg fit and are very cute as well.  The colors and patterns available are also appealing. Usually my outfit consists of a fun shirt with plain pants or shorts, but these pants allow for a different look, giving you a pop of color elsewhere. Pair them with a plain top, which can range from crop tops to long sleeves depending on your occasion. This leads me to the versatility of these pants. I’ve worn them in various settings, including class, informal and nights out. Pair them with the right shirt, shoes and accessories, and they make the perfect outfit for any time. I never thought I would be wearing these pants after the informal, but now I can’t get enough of them. I highly suggest investing in a pair of “fun pants”, as I don’t think you’ll regret it!