Five Ways to Style and Wear Embroidered Clothes

Embroidered clothes have been seen around campus lately and in all fashion bloggers' Instagrams. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering how to rock the stitched threads and, possibly, how to customize your own. Here are a few styling tips!

1.  A sweet pair of boots

            Dress up your favorite pair of embroidered denim with either some casual or dressy booties, giving you either a chill and relaxed vibe or a chic look ready for a night out.

2. Your favorite sneakers

           If you want an everyday look, adding a simple pair of sneakers will send you right into that "model off-duty" look. And, if you wanna get super creative, you could also embroider a boring old pair of tennis shoes.


3. Simple T-shirts

            This isn’t necessarily how to style embroidered clothes, but simply how to get your hands on some! If you’re new to embroidered fits or even just want a cute tee, check this style out. Casual, flowy shirts have been around for a couple years now with simple, embroidered designs. You can pick up a couple cute designs at your favorite online boutique or even Target (maybe Walmart if you’re not looking to stray too far out of Greencastle).

4. Denim jackets

            One of the hottest trends of the fall have been embroidered denim jackets.  The best part about these jackets, other than them being ridiculously cute, is that they are super easy to style, since they’re the statement of the whole outfit. You can dress them down with leggings and a pair of sneakers, or dress them up with some black jeans/leggings and some statement earrings.