Five Places to Find Your Perfect Formal Dress

It’s spring semester, and that means that formal season is just around the corner. If you’re tired of re-wearing the same dresses for every sorority and fraternity formal, here are five stores you can find that perfect formal dress at!

  1. 1. Lulus

    Lulus is one of the best stores to search for a formal dress! While their dresses can get on the pricier side, they typically fit true to size and are classic dresses that will easily become a staple piece in your closet.

  2. 2. Nasty Gal

    If you’re looking for a slip dress for your formal, Nasty Gal is the store for you. While they carry every style of dress, their slip dresses are some of the cutest I’ve come across. Nasty Gal dresses can be gorgeous and the price is right, but they do not include a reviews section on their website, and sometimes the dresses do not fit true to size. Because of this, plan ahead to account for a couple returns before you find the right dress.

  3. 3. Tobi

    Tobi is another classic choice. They have a great selection of styles that range from modest to sexy, or whatever vibe you’re going for. Like Nasty Gal, however, their prices are great, but they don’t have a reviews section on their website to see how the dresses have worked for prior customers, which can lead to some returns. 

  4. 4. Free People

    Definitely on the pricey side, but Free People dresses are absolutely gorgeous. Their bohemian vibe makes all of the dresses look unique, which means you’ll definitely stand out at your formal!

  5. 5. Poshmark

    If Free People dresses are too expensive for you to justify buying for a formal, Poshmark is a great option! Poshmark is an app where you can buy and sell clothing, and it’s a great way to get expensive dresses for cheap. On Poshmark, you can find dresses from all of the brands I have already talked about for a quarter of the price and still in great condition.