Finals Told By the Cast of Friends

With only twenty-odd days of school left, it can be easy to skip straight ahead to laying by the pool, heading off on your May term or snuggling up in your own bed, but the harsh reality is that we still have three weeks of struggle before we are set free.  The culmination of all this misery manifests itself in finals week.  But, just like the rest of your life, Friends is there to help.  They know how you feel, they’ll be there for you and they couldn’t have expressed it any better.

1) The week before finals when your friend brags about how they only have one test, and you somehow ended up with eight when you’re only taking four classes:

2) When your professor describes your final as, “100% essay.”

3) Going into your final with an 80.1 overall in the class:

4) Going into a “review” session:

5) Studying until four in the morning:

6) The morning after:

7) Walking out of your first test like you nailed it:

8) Walking out of your second test like:

9) When you only have one test left and just want it all to be over:

10) But then when you actually have to leave:

Best of luck to everyone taking their finals, but don’t forget to embrace your last few weeks together before the school year ends!