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Finals Season: Tips on How to Stay Sane

Well. It’s here. Finals season. And unfortunately, as much as we try, there is no way we can stop it. With finals being the WORST, I thought I’d write about some tips and tricks to help you stay sane this season. 

1. Sleep: I personally get nothing done after 11:30. My brain clocks out, and at that point, it’s a waste to even try. Therefore, my first tip is to know your sleep schedule. Because I have to be asleep before 1 to function the next day, I study as much as I can during the day. This motivates me to get my stuff done in order to keep my sleep routine as normal as possible.

2. Study Space: The next way to stay sane is to have a study space that you love. Having a place that makes you feel focused and comfortable is key. That space will not only make studying more enjoyable, but also make you feel calmer because you will be more comfortable with your surrondings.

3. Self-Care: During finals week, I usually feel more like a robot than a human. Doing face masks or taking one night to do an extra special spa session can make you feel human again.

I hope some of these tips help your finals week not stink. It’s only four days, and we are all going to get through it! So much love to all my ladies :)

Detroit Vs. Everybody Biochem Major Lover of all things gluten free :)
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