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The Fight Continues: The Significance of Women’s Activism

For hundreds of years women have faced social injustices based simply on their gender. From abortion rights to equal pay, the fight for equality continues to this day. The significance of these issues continues to go unnoticed by many around the world and while progress has been made, there are many more obstacles and issues that desperately need to be addressed. Thankfully, there is a group of women that have fought and continue to fight for women’s rights; these are the women activists. 
This social movement continues to grow and the number of women activists increases each day. Together, these wonderful people are exposing the numerous injustices women face and working to correct these issues on a global scale. This collective identity they have created is inspiring women everywhere and their fight for equality is no longer futile. 
This Tuesday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. Here at DePauw University, groups such as the Oxfam Club, Her Campus DePauw, and many others are working to combat these issues on campus. The Oxfam Club believes that “it imperative to highlight women’s activism because history is male-centered, only making note of a few token women icons.” With groups such as this, progress is inevitable and young women are being given chances that they weren’t 20 years ago.  
This Tuesday, I invite you to join the movement as well. Please take a moment to thank the women in your life that have inspired you or made a difference in your life. Remember that we are all equal human beings, and hopefully one day these efforts will allow us all to be treated as such.
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