Festive Fall Nail Ideas

Hi ladies! Today I’m going to be sharing a few ~ nail inspo ~ ideas for fall! We all love fall, but sometimes we get stuck in the same routine of black acrylics. Here are a few ideas that you can either do at home or get done at your favorite nail salon over break! 

  1. 1. Classic Plum

    I like to call this the classic plum.  It’s great for the season we’re transitioning to, but it also passes as a cute summer shade for the hot days we still have.  

  2. 2. Burnt Orange

    What says fall more than a nice burnt, pumpkin orange? This one is self explanatory, and will look cute in all those Snapchats of your PSL! 

  3. 3. Glittery Pumpkin

    I included this image as something I think could be accomplished at home. This way, we can all save some coin and have incredibly cute nails! 

  4. 4. Cheetah

    I am literally dying over these nails.  They’re so adorable, chic and perfect for fall.  I think you could definitely lifehack these by getting press on nails off of Amazon.  I might be doing this over break.  

  5. 5. Purple Bats

    These nails remind of that Vine.  You know the Vine… The girl and the bats.  “I like bats”.  That’s me when I look at these nails.  I love them.  I’m going to have to go to the nail salon ASAP.  

  6. 6. Stripes and Skeletons 

    Here’s another great example of DIY nails.  They’re a take on the basic black nails that I always (admittedly) do.  Super simple, super easy, super cute.  

I hope you all enjoyed my little list of nail inspiration for fall and Halloween.  Happy ~ spoopy season ~, gals!