Essentials for the Holidays

Its not just a day, it is an entire season. Holiday music starts playing on the radio and won’t stop until New Years. Here is what you cant’ forget to look great and have a successful holiday season.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater

1. One thing that seems to be inevitable every year during the holiday season is an ugly sweater party. Everywhere, people embrace the look of sweaters with shoulder pads, bells, bows and lights. No matter how hard you try, being invited or having to attend an event with an ugly holiday sweater will be unavoidable.


2. The Cute Date Outfit

It might be seeing the lights of downtown, watching a play or going for hot chocolate and  cookies, but there are many holiday traditions that call for plenty of photo opportunities. A cozy and cute outfit makes a big difference.


3) The Tacky Holiday Accessories

Take your pick from snowflake earrings, candy cane necklaces, tree charmed bracelets or fluffy Santa hats. There are so many options to keep you festive during everyday tasks!

4) The Holiday PJ Set

 Arguably the most important outfit of them all is the holiday PJ’s, either you wear them the night before Christmas or all season long. Maybe you match with the rest of your family, maybe you suit up in a full onesie. This can be one of the most fun outfits of the year, as well as one of the most comfortable.

5) Celebration Outfit

This one depends on you. Do you dress up and go out to eat with your family? Do you throw on your ugly sweater and tacky accessories and go open presents at your grandparents? Do you lounge around all day in your PJ’s and watch cartoons? This outfit says the most about your holiday traditions, whatever they may be.