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Eric Addy ’18

Our next profile is an individual who is a very talented diver for DePauw. It’s clear that he has dedicated most of his time (September to March) to diving, as well as to his academics during his two years at DePauw. Meet Eric Addy!
Eric is from Grosse Pointe City, Michigan, which borders Detroit, MI and Lake St. Claire. Across the lake is Windsor, Canada. Because of his close proximity to Canada, he and his friends make frequent twenty minute trips going in and out of the country! Eric is a political science and history double major and is a member of Alpha Tau Omega.Living quite a distance from DePauw Eric says, “I learned about DePauw from a few friends who were either enrolled or graduating in my senior class. Particularly, I learned about the swimming/diving program because there were four students who were on my high school swimming/diving team that went on to swim at DePauw.” Eric is currently the only male diver for DePauw’s team. 
Although now an established diver at DePauw he says “I started diving officially when I was in eighth grade. That’s the first time I started being coached. However, I’ve always been interested in diving because we had diving boards at a local park where I went on to work as a lifeguard. I always enjoyed trying to learn new things to do off of a diving board, but like I said, I didn’t start being coached or understand the proper technique until eighth grade.” 
Since then, he has improved and is more confident with his diving skills. He is proud of where he’s at as a diver, especially in college. He says, “I would like to say that my career overall as a diver is successful. Just the fact that I am diving at the collegiate level is success in my own eyes. But further than that, throughout my first two years here at DePauw I have had two solid seasons, finishing top 8 at the NCAC conference and making it to NCAA Diving Regionals both years. In high school I was a three-sport athlete playing soccer and baseball, and diving, and I also participated in choir. What seemed to be just another activity turned into a full-time commitment and after I was awarded all-state in high school and have now reached the college level, I must say I am satisfied with my career so far.” 
Eric has accomplished a lot in his two years here at DePauw. His next two years may be even greater. Although he already has a busy schedule, he still finds the time to play all intramural sports on his fraternity’s teams and sometimes helps host radio shows at WGRE. Eric definitely has a lot going for him!
If you’re ever by the pool or see Eric on campus, be sure to say hey!
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