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Dos & Don’ts of Monon Weekend

It’s that time of year again—the infamous Monon weekend is almost here! Tickets sold out almost as soon as they went on sale, so if you were one of the unfortunate few who failed to get a ticket, start scrounging for an extra because you won’t want to miss the event of the year. Rumor has it tickets are being sold on eBay, so grab that credit card, and let the bidding begin!
To guarantee all of you lovely Her Campus readers the best Monon weekend ever, I have compiled a list of Dos and Don’ts from seasoned Monon vets, senior collegiettes, and fraternity men alike. They’ve already made the best of every Monon (possibly by making the worst decisions), so here are the Dos and Don’ts of making sure this weekend lives up to, and exceeds, all the hype.

DO wear all that DePauw gear your parents bought you on Move-In Day, Parent’s Weekend, and well, every other time they’ve come to visit. Monon is a football game after all, so show that Tiger Pride!
DON’T wear anything vulgar or obscene that disses Wabash. We all know DePauw is better, but there’s no need to point that out with shirts that reference our quarterbacks Spud Dick and Seaman, no matter how clever they may be.

DO tailgate, tailgate, tailgate! The earlier the better so you can be sure to make it to all of them. Monon is about bringing the entire campus together—what better way to do this than with drinks and hotdogs for everyone!
DON’T tailgate so hard that you can’t actually make it to the game. While tailgating with friends is fun and definitely a highlight of the weekend, the football game is the most important part of Monon. If you’re too sloppy to attend the game, then how are you going to see us win the Bell back?! That being said…
DO stay for the whole game!
DON’T make yourself miserable by trying to look cute if it’s raining and cold (i.e. Monon 2010). If the weather is crummy, don’t hesitate to bundle up in sweatshirts, down vests, and raincoats with the hood up—even if you look like a roly-poly munchkin peaking out from under all those layers. You wouldn’t want to miss out on Monon excitement because you went home to escape the wet and cold.
DO your homework for Monday before the weekend. It’s an action-packed few days, and you want to enjoy it without having to skip out on festivities to write a paper or worry about a test.
DON’T think that Monon ends when the game does. Here at DePauw, the slogan “win or lose, we still booze” holds true. Be sure to take a nap after the game, because you can bet there will be more excitement Saturday night—midnight pancake breakfast at the Hub anyone?
DO have fun in a responsible way. If you choose to drink, make sure to not over do it. If you don’t drink, don’t feel pressured to by the beer-guzzling, screwdriver sipping students and alumni. Monon is an amazing experience, sober or not!
Well ladies, there you are, the best tips and tricks to make Monon 2011 the most successful yet!

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