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Donut Stress, Take a Trip: Wheel House Donuts

This past weekend I traveled about a half hour outside of Greencastle to go to Wheel House Donuts, where they craft some of the most delicious and creative donuts I have ever tasted. If you’re looking for a fun little road trip out of the DePauw bubble, I highly recommend Wheel House for all of your Sunday morning donut needs. Here are a few pictures from my adventure to Wheel House Donuts!

Inside you’ll find a cozy setup with a combination of rustic decorations and furniture with a bit of a modern and fresh twist.

The sweet treats come in these awesome boxes because yes, Wheel House, I do deserve a donut.

The donuts ARE BEAUTIFUL! You can order any combination of frosting and toppings that you want from the classic glazed to fruity pebbles and even cookies and cream (my personal favorite).

The walls are decorated with old car parts, which gives Wheel House Donuts somewhat of an old fashioned vibe. 

They even have this cute sign to remind you to chill out and treat yourself to some AMAZING donuts!

I hope these pictures have convinced you to grab your closest friends and take an adventure to Rockville for these incredible made-to-order donuts. After stressful weeks of midterms, this is the perfect way to celebrate your successes and fuel up with some donuts and coffee for the week to come!

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