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Don’t Let the Weather Rain on Your Parade

We all can remember a time we got all dressed up to go out and then it starts to rain. You just finished straightening your hair, putting your favorite dress on and now what? Don’t let the weather ruin your outfit, instead embrace it and stay prepared. Here are some go-to outfits for when the weather gets bad.

One way to spice up an outfit when it gets rainy is to add colorful rain boots. This outfit works perfectly because the dark purple boots stand out against the black and gray outfit. Colorful rain boots add excitement to a drab day.

Looking prepared for the rain is important. Nobody wants to be caught in the rain with heels on and no jacket. That’s why another easy solution is a matching umbrella. I like this look a lot because the all black umbrella goes with the mostly black look. She is also prepared by wearing matching black rain boots. This umbrella is perfect for this look due to the antique handle, which matches the nude jacket.

Lastly, if you are running late and it starts to rain, why not grab a statement rain jacket? This jacket is one of my favorite looks because of its uniqueness. This jacket can be thrown over any monotone look and adds a dimension of high fashion to the look. This jacket is a statement piece and will become a great conversation starter.

When it rains, it’s not time to break out the sweatpants and curl up in a ball. Instead, it is time to find a cute jacket, throw on your rain boots and embrace it.

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