DePauw Little 500

Ah, Little Five. What a great weekend on campus - A celebration of the athleticism of students as they cycle their way to glory, a chance to (hopefully) break out our tanks and shorts and enjoy the warmer weather of spring in Greencastle and one final huge hoorah before the end of the semester decends upon us with its ugly hands full of finals, projects and tests.

Since the first Little 500 race in April of 1956, the bike races have been a tradition at DePauw embraced by the students, faculty and alumni with open arms. Originally a philanthropic event to raise money for the American Cancer Fund, the event has evolved to a week of fun events planned by the Steering Committee like a 5K Run in the Nature Park, a car stuff and more. 

Here's a few things to remember while enjoying the festivities of the weekend:

  1. DRINK WATER. It'll be warm this weekend and drinks will be flowing so it's important to stay hydrated! Make sure you're looking out for yourself and your friends this weekend.
  2. Get to the Street Sprints on Friday at 5pm with a block party in the Reese parking lot from 4-6pm, followed by an awesome concert on Mason Lawn at 6:30pm! 
  3. CHEER ON THE RIDERS! These athletes have been training for months now for the races so they'll need some encouragement and few things are more fun than cheering on our friends!
  4. If you, or your friends, need help, call Public Safety. You can't get in trouble for anything if you call regarding someone else's safety. A fun weekend is only fun if everyone makes it out alive.