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DePauw Food: Health Edition

There is a common stigma that as a college student, you most definitely will gain weight. This stigma, however, is inaccurate. As long as you are conscious of what you are putting into your body you shouldn’t have to worry about gaining the freshman fifteen or packing on a few pounds after four years at school. Here are a few of my favorite healthy things to eat at DePauw.

On Saturday mornings I like to grab some yogurt and top it with berries, chia seeds, flax seeds and granola from the Hub.

The Den offers a delicious sandwich bar. My favorite pressed sandwich is a spinach wrap with turkey, provolone, tomatoes, spinach, avocado and light mayo.

Here is a second Den favorite of mine. A delicious spinach salad with strawberries, blueberries, cucumbers, feta cheese, grilled chicken and balsamic dressing.

I always love getting dinner at the Hub. I typically try to fill my plate full of delicious vegetables with some quinoa on the side.

I love the spinach avocado smoothie at Blend. I always order it without peanut butter and add in chia seeds.

This smoothie I created on my own. Blueberries, banana, greek yogurt, almond milk and flax seeds. Simple but delicious!

And finally, you MUST try the sunrise smoothie with no greek yogurt and add in kale! It is so refreshing!

Freshmen at DePauw.
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