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A Definitive Ranking of the Best 5 Hozier Songs off His Self-Titled Album

Over the past several months (starting during the beginning of June while studying abroad in Italy), I’ve been listening religiously to Hozier’s self-titled album. Although the record was released in 2014 and Hozier came onto the scene with “Take Me To Church,” that song is arguably the least phenomenal on the album (even though it’s still a masterpiece). Hozier’s soulful, moving voice, coupled with intricate lyrics and delicate yet heavy melodies, makes his songs forces to be reckoned with. Below, I outline a definitive ranking of my top 5 favorite tracks off the beautifully crafted album.

Jackie and Wilson

The moment you’ve all been waiting for, the definitive best song off Hozier is without a doubt the funky, bluesy Jackie and Wilson. A song about love in its most unadulterated form. This one never fails to make me smile (or cry tears of joy, tbh). Jackie and Wilson is the kind of song that feels like home, the one that never gets old, the one that makes you want big things for your life. If you only ever listen to one new song for the rest of your life, please let it be this one.

From Eden

Something about this song just always gets me— I think it might be the fact that the melody is happier than the lyrics, which are at times very sweet and very discomfiting. Whatever it is, From Eden is an enchanting track with an overall good vibe.

Cherry Wine

Delicate strumming creates an intricate starting point for this complicated piece. At once beautiful and haunting, Cherry Wine is a soul-baring song with a music video to match, ending with #faceuptodomesticviolence.

Foreigner’s God

Powerful and melancholy, this track always gives me chills. Hozier’s deep voice reaches deep in this song, screaming out to a god that isn’t his, grieving for an unnamed something. Give this song a listen when you’re in your feels.

Someone New

Ending our countdown is an upbeat and flirty number detailing how the singer falls in love with a new person every day— very relatable. Somehow fast-paced and slowly sweet at the same time, this song always makes me wanna smile and ~get groovy~.

There you have it, babes, the five best songs off Hozier’s first album. I know there might be some controversy over the order or even the songs on here, but just know I poured hours into these decisions (so they’re right lol). Thanks for reading angels!

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