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Hi, my lovely witchy friends! 

If you know me, you know that I have been obsessed with spiritual things, learning about witchy stuff, and lately, I am addicted to crystals.  If you’re already super confused, I got you.  Let me explain: Crystals are thought to have metaphysical properties that help with healing, stress relief, and SO many other concerns.  Think of it like this: If you close your eyes, pull both hands apart, and then start to bring your hands back together, you can feel the energy before your hands’ touch, right? Crystals are the same way.  They soak up the energy.  I currently have a collection of crystals, so I thought I would run through them and share with you all the benefits and my experience with them! 

First of all, you must cleanse your crystals.  As I mentioned, they soak up energy.  So any energy it picked up through the mail or in a metaphysical shop, it has that still on it.  This is just like washing a shirt after you get it online.  I cleanse mine with incense (just hold it in the smoke for a second), but you can wash yours gently with some water.  Please look up what crystals are waterproof before you do this! 

Next, you need to charge your crystals for them to work.  I usually charge mine under the full moon.  Just set them out on your windowsill or porch under the full or new moon and get them before the sun hits.  I let mine sit out from dinner time to about midnight when I go to bed.  Make sure if you don’t get them before the sun hits, you are using crystals that will not fade in the sun.  


Black Tourmaline

So, this is a protection stone essentially.  If you have anxiety like me, you may relate when I say that anything can trigger my anxiety.  This stone is a protective crystal, so it wards off any negative energy.  Many people keep them in their cars to protect them against accidents or carry them around in their bra to ward off negative energy.  I like to keep mine next to my bed while I sleep.  I have been going through it with nightmares lately, and this has definitely made me feel safer and calmer, as well as deter any nightmares.  This is an essential crystal you should get if you are starting to collect.


Amethyst is my birthstone, so naturally, I’m obsessed with it.  I have a large chunk and two small pieces.  Amethysts are great for spiritual awakenings and enhancing psychic abilities.  Have you ever seen those videos on TikTok that are like “Guess what color crystal I’m holding?” or “Guess what number I’ll choose,” and you got it right? That is because all of us having intuition and some sort of psychic power.  But, some of us just aren’t aware of it.  Amethysts help you listen to that intuition.  I usually put my little amethysts on my third eye (your forehead) while I meditate.


I really just got this one because it was pretty.  When light passes through it, it has a little orange flicker.  The lady at a metaphysical shop says that the more you bond with it, the brighter the light will become.  I’ll update y’all on that. 


This is a charging crystal.  I use this to charge my other crystals if I feel they’re out of energy (just listen to your intuition).  You can also use this to clear negative energy; just look up a tutorial on YouTube.


This stone is beautiful and has lots of purposes.  I personally use it because it connects to the digestive system’s correlating chakra.


This crystal is a teal-blue/green color and helps so much with anxiety.  All of the election week, all I was doing was holding this crystal.

If you want to learn more, feel free to reach out to me (I’m still learning, though, so I won’t know everything), pick up a book, or simply scroll on TikTok or YouTube.  Happy crystal bonding!

Hi, I'm Katherine! I'm an Anthropology major. I am a member of the Honors Scholar Program, as well as a Bonner Scholar.
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