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Costumes on Campus

We saw plenty of fabulous and spooky costumes this Halloween weekend. Here are some of the most creative costumes spotted on campus!


Mariah Taller ‘18

“I chose this costume because I love Melissa Mccarthy, and Ghostbusters is iconic. I found this costume at Target.”

The Seven Dwarfs

Kaitlyn Malley ‘19 and friends

“We were just trying to find a costume for a lot of people. We were brainstorming and came up with the dwarfs. It was quick, easy and cute.”

Rum and Coke

Sarah Cooper ‘18 and Audrey Spears ‘18

“We just wanted an excuse to wear tutus!”


Kristin Burgess ‘17

“For Halloween this year, the senior Thetas went as zombies and ghosts. Those of us who were zombies cut up shirts, smeared paint on them and then put dark paint on our arms and faces. We wanted a costume that would allow us to have a common theme, while still letting us be creative on our own. One of the girls in our pledge class loves the Walking Dead so it was fun seeing her dream since sophomore year come true!”

Sharpay and Ryan from High School Musical

Elizabeth Morales ‘17 and Tyler Murphy ‘17

“We thought that Ryan and Sharpay truly captured our personalities!”

Cards Against Humanity

Laurel O’Rourke ‘17 and friends

“It was a simple and fun way to creatively include friends in a costume, plus it was a great conversation starter throughout the night!”





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