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Cool Card Games for College Students

            Now that you’re in college and are a fake adult, you may be looking to upgrade from Go Fish and up your card game (literally). Going out on the weekends can get tiring and, as college students, we aren’t made of money, so card games provide a great one-time investment for fun at any time of the day! Many of us have heard about Cards Against Humanity, but there so are many more games out there. Whether you’re taking a break from homework or want to switch up your pregame, here are some great games to spice up your day!

Red Flags

Red Flags is “the game of terrible dates” in which one person is the single and everyone else is trying to set them up on a date. Players use two white cards, which are good traits such as “owns 100 beachfront acres” or “kisses cure cancer”, to present the best date possible to the single. After everyone has played their good cards, then comes the red flags. Players then destroy other dates with cards such as “is a men’s rights advocate” or “posts all of your texts online”. Then the single must choose the best date. This game contains some shocking cards, which makes it so fun to play with friends at any time!

Drunk Stoned or Stupid

This game is all about throwing your friends under the bus by exposing some of their worst and most memorable qualities. In Drunk Stoned or Stupid, players take turns reading cards and then vote on who is the most likely to do that thing, such as “wakes up with half of a burrito in bed” or “talks about space for hours”. This is a hilarious game for close friends who can take a joke and like to roast each other.

Codenames: Deep Undercover

Although this game is a bit more involved than just simple cards, it isn’t too hard and is tons of fun. This game involves teams and trying to get members of your team to guess code words, some of which are normal everyday words and objects, and some which are a bit more explicit. If you’re looking for a good team game, this is the move!


Capitalism is great because not only does it simply require one deck of normal playing cards, but you can also play it for hours and even turn it into a drinking game if that’s something you’re into. This card game is all about gaining power and keeping it in roles such as president, vice president, scum, and vice scum. Challenge your friends (and enemies) and rise to the top as president, gaining bragging rights until the next time you play. For a step-by-step guide of instructions, check out this wikiHow article: https://www.wikihow.com/Play-Capitalism.


Once again straying away from traditional card games, Telestrations is just like it sounds: telephone with illustrations. Play against with your friends as you draw pictures, pass them in a circle, and then guess what the drawings are. This game can be particularly hilarious when you’re terrible at drawing, in order to increase confusion for the next player.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these games; they all guarantee a great time with friends at any time, on any day. I hope you can use these cool card games as cures to boredom or great ways to de-stress during finals!

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