Concerts Coming to Indy in 2019

Need some spice in your life? Why not attend a concert in Indianapolis? Numerous popular artists are coming in 2019, and I simply cannot wait. I am a real music buff, so I for one am stoked for the new year. Now that I live in Indy, I find it hard to stay away from concerts. I figured, why not share the joy?!

1. February 14th: Cher

Seriously?!?! Yes. You read it right. Cher is coming to Indy. This is a chance of a lifetime, as she is literally a goddess sent down straight from the singing gods. If I were you, I would get your tickets now.

2. March 25th: Mumford & Sons

I don’t know about you, but I am a BIG fan. They specialize in feel-good music and honestly make any of my road trips better. I think they would put on an excellent concert!

3. April 12th: Ariana Grande

If you don’t like Ariana Grande’s new album, well...thank u, next. This album straight-up inspired me to let out my inner badass. I was never one to be a huge Ariana Grande fan, but my view has changed. I feel more confident and powerful than ever!

4. April 30th: P!NK

My whole life, I have been listening to P!NK; I mean, she is a literal badass. If I could grow up to be half the person she is, I would consider myself lucky. I heard she flies in the air during this concert; it’s a can’t-miss.

5. June 16th: Carrie Underwood

From American Idol to country stardom, Carrie Underwood is back again! I find her to be so down-to-earth and pure that any concert she puts on, you know it will be great. She had such a great presence in my childhood and even now that I would cry for days if I missed this!

I hope you are as excited as I am for these concerts! If you don’t know anyone above (WHAT?????), check them out, seriously. You will not be disappointed!