Chacos vs. Birkenstocks

When you step foot onto a college campus, you’ll notice there are two types of people: Chaco people and Birkenstock (or Birks) people. Both pair perfectly for any lounge-y outfit for class, but which comfort shoe are you?

The Look

Most Chaco’s come in an assortment of colors for their straps, with lots of wild patterns. They look sporty and can easily be paired with running shorts or other workout clothes.

Birk’s are very plain and simple with a cork footbed and leather straps. They’re pretty easy to dress up so you can wear them with just about anything, including a pair of jeans.


The Comfort

Some Chaco people seem to live in their shoes, but you won’t hear as much about how comfortable they are like you will for Birks.

Birk’s take some breaking in, but after a few wears people will boast on and on about their comfort. The cork footbed shapes to your foot, so you can't really know just how comfortable they are until you have your own.

The Wear

Chaco’s will stay on your feet through just about anything. They were designed for the outdoors, so many people even hike in them.

Birk’s are made to last forever, but I wouldn’t suggest going on a run in them. They wear a little more like a flip flop than a hiking boot.

So, are you Team Chaco or Team Birk?