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Carter Gorman ’14

Chances are you have seen Carter Gorman walking around campus, he is the one with a Mohawk. With this unconventional haircut he is hard to miss. Not only does Gorman have a distinct style but he is super involved on campus. Needless to say, there is more to Gorman than the Mohawk.
Her Campus: What all are you involved in at DePauw?
Carter Gorman: I am proud to be a Sigma Nu, and I serve my chapter as Philanthropy Chair. I am a Film Studies Major with possibly an Art, Theatre, or German Minor. I am a Bonner Scholar, volunteering at Johnson Nichols Health Clinic as a clerical assistant. I am involved in the Gobin Methodist Church’s after-school tutoring program and Ridpath Elementary School as a Lunchroom/Recess Monitor. I am a member of Alpha Psi Omega, the theatre honor society (I acted in three plays and three short plays last year) and I also represent them in DePauw Student Government. I am a member of the Tiger Pep Band, playing any and all percussion. I am on DUCKS (DePauw University Competitive Knowledge Squad). I am a member of Soccer Club, of the Catholic Student Association and DePauw Students for Life, and I think that’s about it.
HC: What is your favorite thing about DePauw?
CG: I come from a small town, so I love the ability to challenge your morals in an environment where you are (as opposed to big fish back home) a single, different individual among other single, different individuals, working to make a name from yourself in a grander sphere, and to build those morals into a set with which you can be proud to call your own.
HC: What made you get the mohawk?
CG: It had been awhile since I had an interesting haircut.  I had been rocking the normal sort of short look for at least three years, so I felt like a change.  I’ve previously had hair down to my mid to low-back, preceded by a Padowan haircut. Roundabout April I thought, ‘Hey, maybe I’ll try out a mohawk’.  So I did. I’m keeping it for three months, which is two months past now; I shall remove it after Halloween. Yeah, there you go.
HC: What have people’s reactions been?
CG: Most reactions have been quite positive.  Surprise and shock are intermingled with that, I know at least two people would like it gone, but it’s a temporary thing with an expiration date, as previously stated.  But, yes, almost everybody finds it as quite a humorous novelty.
HC: What is your favorite memory at DePauw?
CG: Getting to wear an SS uniform for Gerda’s Story (something I never thought I would get to say a year and a half ago), working late nights for Sculpture projects, and Bid and Initiation Nights for Sigma Nu.  
HC: What do you value most about DePauw?
CG: My friends and, more specifically, my fraternal brothers.  If one doesn’t feel at home, one can’t be comfortable, and it’d be difficult to itch with apprehension for nine months out of the year.  I was more of a solitary individual in high school, I could afford to be then, which both allowed me to really change coming into DePauw and continues to allow me to appreciate bonding, intellectual discussion, and silly antics even more than how much I used to.
HC: What is your favorite place on campus? Why?
CG: I love the Nature Park, but I have to say Sigma Nu- the place most like a home on campus. Close brothers, close help, close facilities, close fun, as a nucleus for the fun and excitement that is the rest of DePauw you can’t beat good ‘ole Sigma Nu.
HC: What is your favorite thing to get at Marvin’s?
CG: I’m usually not that big of an eater, so my choice item is the 1/2 GCB, though if I’m in the mood I’ll get egg rolls.
HC: What is the best advice you would give to freshmen?
CG: “Have a good time, all the time.” -Nigel Tufnel

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