Cargo Pants are Fashion Now

I feel like cargo pants used to be the go-to fashion joke. Baggy, unflattering pants, covered in pockets are a staple of dad fashion, but the tables have turned and pockets are for everyone now! This year, I have seen cargo pants everywhere, from a bold going out look, to everyday wear for class. Here are some links to cute and trendy cargo pants, so you can rock the look!

  1. 1. Tranditional

    I have owned traditional cargo pants for a number of years, but I only wear them camping and hiking. Recently, I bought a pair of Athleta cargo pants for a trip and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to style. The light fabric is great for transitioning seasons and the fit is flattering. The specific pants I have are out of stock, but here is a cute jogger version.

  2. 2.  Camo

    For a bolder, more streetstyled look, camo cargo pants are a super fun option. At my high school, it’s a tradition for juniors to rock these pants in blue for football games. I don’t wear them for football games anymore, but it’s good to have some fun pants around! The waist is adjustable and the pants cuff, so you can easily fix the baggier fit. Here is the link!

  3. 3. Jeans 

    Finally, I have seen a lot of cargo-style jeans around campus. What can I say? With pockets, more is more, and they add a fun flair to your standard skinny jean. You can dress them up or down and they are super duper cute! Come fall, I think this trend will still be going strong, but for now here’s a pair from Nordstrom Rack if you can’t wait.

Cargo pants are the trend we didn’t know we needed. From the comfort to the pockets, they are hard to top functionally, and I hope you feel inspired to try them out as fashion, too!