Campus Cuties: Where Are They Now?

#TBT to when Her Campus had a section called Campus Cuties. That’s right! Maybe only the class of 2019 remembers since Campus Cuties was officially ~cancelled~ in 2016. The Campus Cuties section featured mainly men and asked questions such as “what is your idea of a perfect date?,” “what do you look for in a partner?,” and “are you single?!” While people at DePauw do things far more exciting than simply being cute, and we support the decision to move in another direction, Campus Cuties was sure fun while it lasted. RIP.

Fast forward to 2018…our past Campus Cuties are in (dun dun dun) The Real World. And, apparently, some people would rather not have an article announcing their cuteness pop up when an employer searches their name…what???

Here are some Campus Cuties that have reached out to HC and asked to have their Campus Cutie feature taken down:

(Names and details have been changed to protect the identity of the cutie)

The All-Too-Professional Cutie: Recently, a former cutie emailed HC asking if we would take the article featuring him off our website, adding, “Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to accelerate this process.” (This is urgent.) HC responded with the following:

     “Hi Sam!

     No problem. We will take the article down right away! But, you will always be a campus cutie in our hearts.

     Hope your weekend is filled with Doritos and Taylor Swift jam sessions. (The cutie referenced these as his favorite things in the article)


     Her Campus”

Only to receive back an “any idea how long this will take.” Ugh, a thank you would have worked too!

The Reflective Cutie We Hope to Meet One Day: This email came to our inbox last semester:

     “Dear Her Campus DePauw,

     It has been a few years since I have graduated DePauw. I now live in Tokyo and I am enjoying my life, but I must confess that I sometimes look back at my college years and have to admit that little forgotten place in the middle of Indiana has given me some good memories.

     I was told by a friend of mine, who jokingly stalked me on Google, that this article is still on your website: [link]. Even though it's normal to leave embarrassing traces of your past and it's normal to accept some self-mockery in your life, this article kind of makes me cringe. I would be grateful if you could take it down, but I don't know if this is against your website policy. It's not a big deal, but I just fear this can have, yet minor, repercussions on my professional life. In the end, I don't know if you really need an article from another boring student!

     I will be happy to further discuss this, if you wish.

     I wish you all the best and long live DePauw,


Our response:

     “Hi John,

     Happy to hear you are enjoying the post-DePauw life. Although I see no reason why you would cringe at this article, we would be happy to take it down. But, never will ~always~ be a campus cutie.


     Her Campus”

And a pleasant reply:

     “Hi Her Campus DPU,

     I appreciate your cooperation and I look forward to my next trip to DePauw, hoping to have the opportunity to meet you!

    All the best,


Wow, what a guy. We sure do hope he was serious!!

The Future CEO Cutie: We suspect this cutie is off doing bigger and better things, but, like always, he will always be a Campus Cutie in our hearts.

     “Hi ladies,

     My name's Ryan, I graduated from DePauw in 20__. I was also a former Campus Cutie (20__, see here: [link]

     While this article is hilarious, and very flattering, I'm wondering if I could ask you to take it offline. I've had some colleagues at work stumble upon it, as it's very high on Google's search engine. I laugh it off with them, but as I continue in my career, I really would like to not have to explain the purpose of this article, especially to higher-level executives. 

     Even if you would put it "private", or make it not visible to the public without searching for it within, I'd really appreciate it.

     Thank you so much, and have a great day.”

And a less serious message when we confirmed that the article would be taken down, but his status as a cutie would never disappear:

     “Hahaha thank you. You all are the best :)”

We are the best, aren’t we.


Her Campus DePauw