Building Your Accessory Arsenal

Love. Accessories. Hair accessories, jewelry, scarves; from phases to staples, I love an accessory. Accessories elevate every outfit, and they can bring in color, pizzaz, or whatever your #look might be missing. But how do you accumulate enough accessories to serve your needs? Well, as an expert in acquiring *stuff,* I’m here to tell you that creativity is key, but there are always staples.


When it comes to jewelry, follow trends, but also find what speaks to you. Jewelry is fun, and it takes up little to no space if you store it well, so don’t be afraid of hand-me-downs and shopping opportunities. Outdated necklaces from your mom just might have their time, you never know! As for staples, we all love a hoop earring, and a few fun pairs of silver or gold dangles can never hurt. Claire’s is a great place to start acquiring sets of jewelry, and there is always Icing or Charming Charlie’s if you want something with a little more class.

Necklace trends seem to cycle around super fast, so I have a lot of colorful statement necklaces that don’t see a lot of use these days, but silver and gold pendant necklaces, chains, and dainty jewelry is timeless and can be dressed up or down. I don’t wear much jewelry outside of earrings and the occasional necklace, so my arsenal is severely lacking when it comes to fun rings and bracelets, but my “jewlery dress” has a lot of storage for this. This isn’t a decor article, but the great thing about accessories is that they can be stored in plain sight and used to add some personality to your room! I get a TON of compliments on my jewlery dress, and even though I don’t wear a lot of the necklaces, I’m glad I brought it to college!


Scarves aren’t just for fall and winter, but that’s when I tend to wear them. I had a hardcore scarf phase in middle school, and that’s when my collection started, but I have since gotten scarves for different seasons and looks. I think the biggest point with scarves is that accessories are often required to suit certain outfits, but when you get creative, you will discover that accessories are SUPER versatile and can unlock new possibilities in your closet. I LOVE to play dress up; it’s like shopping in your own closet, and you will be amazed with the new looks that come from a good, solid dress-up sesh.

Hair Accessories

I could talk about hair accessories for hours, but they are by far the most practical accessory. You can wear them in all four seasons and every day. I own my fair share of practical and fun hair accessories, and I love them ALL. A big trend right now is hair scarves, and depending on if you want a headband or a bow, they come in all different sizes, shapes, fabrics and lengths! Here is a pic of my hair accessory collection. Unlike my jewelry, I did not bring all of my hair accessories to college. I have more bows, headbands and clips than I would ever know what to do with at school! Finally, a pro tip: the children’s section has great headbands.

I hope you feel inspired to go forth and accessorize! Slowly, you will build your arsenal and before you know it, you will feel incomplete leaving your house without the finishing touch of an accessory!