The Best Playlist to Get Over Any Breakup

Another breakup? Another heartbreak? Yeah, we’ve all been there before. Breakups are the worst and unfortunately, the pain can last for awhile. There are so many raw emotions and memories that it can be hard to process. It is really easy to feel alone and like no one understands you. The cure to those post-breakup feelings is simple: music. There is a song for all breakup emotions: anger, sadness, frustration, and more.  So, here’s an extensive list of some of the best songs to listen for every breakup emotion.

  1. 1. Anger

    Triggered by Jhene Aiko: Thank the universe for blessing us with the beautiful human that is Jhene Aiko. Jhene gave us this beautiful, heartfelt freestyle that encapsulates all the rage we feel during breakups. Scream them in the comfort of your dorm room and allow yourself to feel those lyrics.


    Still Think About You by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie: In this song, A Boogie shares his anger and frustration of being betrayed by his partner in an aggressive but melodic way. Yet, he still can’t help but think about her and that’s a legit feeling. We can’t help who we love sometimes. 


    Don’t Hurt Yourself by Beyoncé: Beyonce comes through with her anthem to trash men everywhere. Beyonce knows her worth and makes it known by going off on a man that hurt her. She is unapologetically vengeful, and we stand. 

  2. 2. Sadness

    Almost is Never Enough by Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes: Oh my god, I want to cry just thinking of this song. Ariana and Nathan put their hearts in this beautiful but heartbreaking song about almost having this great, fairytale love but just missing the mark. The ultimate bag song.


    If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys: This timeless tune never fails to put me in my bag. Keys sings about how nothing in this world matters if she can't be with the person she loves, and when you’re going through a heartbreak, it feels that way. 

  3. 3. Frustration

    Why Don’t You Love Me? by Beyoncé: Even the Queen Bey has moments where she feels unappreciated despite how beautiful and talented she is. She shares her frustration of not being wanted even though she’s the full package.

  4. 4. Empowered

    Good as Hell by Lizzo: Okay, literally there’s a Lizzo song for every emotion but if you ever need a reminder that you’re the baddest girl in the world, this is the song. Lizzo’s energy is contagious and you can’t help but sing along to this song. You’ll be feeling like your old self in no time.


    Shake It Out by Florence + The Machine: This Florence + The Machine makes me want to jump up and down and scream out the lyrics. Florence sings of shaking off the devil on your back, (which is how I choose to see my ex). This feel good song inspires you to restart and feel brand new. She reminds us that it’s always darkest before the dawn.